[CQ-Contest] why it's a good thing..

k3ft at erols.com k3ft at erols.com
Tue Feb 4 17:46:54 EST 2003

The question originally posed by Pete was not related to changing the rules of the 
contest on the Sponsor's part or requiring anything to be done differently as far as the 
'official' Contest sponsor and rules are concerned.

If the results of a 24 hour category are posted on the 3830 reflector score submittal 
page then you can electronically manipulate the data and discover all the trends you 
like since 3830 provides for listing band/Q/Mult #'s.

Pete's suggestion had to do with him offering to manage and maintain a separate category 
which would be an ADJUNCT to the normal Contest operation. He promoted it as a vehicle 
for encouraging folks to get on the air and participate while offering a suitable 
recognition for participating for what many consider to be a rather sizeable investment 
of time - especially for folks with families who find their weekend time claimed by more 
factors than just Contests.

They key is that many like to compete but their personal activites preclude a 48 hour 
comittment. They woudl be a credit to the effort and add much but find it tough to do 
so. However, they would view operating a  24 hour window out of 48 hours to represent a 
serious effort - IF they are choosing to pursue the prize competitvely.

So, consider it a golden opprotunity to provide a place for folks to devote some serious 
time while providing a fertile ground for them to grow and become more active in other 
venues as well.  As I noted previously, a 24 hour category (again.. run by Pete on a 
self-operated not part of the Offical contest sponsors program but under the same rules 
for scoring and the like) woudl provide a good place for many to get feet wet, get 
active, learn and grow and become more active as their skills and intersts grow.

Either we provide the places for people to come and learn or we find our playground 
becoming less and less populated.

Good idea, Pete!

Chuck K3FT

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