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Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Tue Feb 4 19:13:02 EST 2003

At 03:18 PM 2/4/2003 -0500, Jim White, K4OJ wrote:

>The only way to do this "right" is if you change scoring formats to 
>recalculate the old scores - and, since they were made by guys maximizing 
>their operations under the "current" rules of the time they may no longer 
>be as "impressive" - or they may be "overly" impressive...

In the MARAC CW contest (Mobile Amateur Radio Club), the scoring was 
changed in 1996.  However, the scorekeeper, Norm W3DYA tracks the records 
by adjusting the current score to the old scoring rules:


You'll notice that wannabe contester Randy K5ZD has held the fixed-station 
record since 1986.  A few other familiar calls are there too.

73 - Jim AD1C

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