[CQ-Contest] RE: [YCCC] coax cables summary

S. Markowski Jr. km9m-zig at attbi.com
Thu Feb 6 20:54:11 EST 2003

Strippers -

> The strippers I use do not have any identification on them, and I was unable
> to find their packaging.  They look very much like the Radio Shack p/n
> 278-248 coax stripper, with the difference being those I use are on a larger
> physical scale in order to accommodate larger dia. coax.  These cutters have
> a ring through which you insert your index finger.  There is a spring-loaded
> thumb lever to open the jaws and allow insertion of coax.  The same spring
> provides pressure for the three cutting blades to do their work.  Each
> blade's depth of cut is adjusted by its own set screw; an Allen wrench is
> included and stores on the tool. A plastic insert pops into the jaws; it can
> be removed, turned, and reinserted to accommodate slight differences in coax
> outer diameter.

These coax strippers kind of sound like the ones made by AIM, advertised in THE
FALL/WINTER 2002 AES Catalog, pg 132. I got a pair made by Prestige a few years
ago from AES. Sure reduces the number of knicks where you don't want them. I'm
sure these or similar are available from most Ham dealers.

Good Luck and 73,
Zig KM9M

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