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> I have a zero-land call, but currently reside in 3-land.
> Although not required by the rules to sign portable, I
> wonder if there are advantages to signing portable anyway.


I have been operating contests out of 5-land now since 1982, and I never sign 
portable.  I was first in NJ for about 10 years, and now I am in FL.  When I 
first moved to FL, a number of ops in domestic contests would comment 
something about my not being in New Jersey, but that quickly subsided after a 
few contests.  I don't recall any confusion among the DX stations, at least 
over and above their normal confusion anyway!

My thinking is that operating out of ones "home district" is so commonplace 
that signing portable is more of a distraction than a benefit.  An exception 
would be, in your case, the PA QSO Party.  If I were you, I would either get 
a 3-call or sign AA0CY/3 for that one.

73, Geo...

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