[CQ-Contest] RF switching in SO2R or MO setups?

Zoli Pitman ha1ag at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 23 06:31:07 EST 2003


I'm looking for a remote-controllable 4 or 6-way
antenna switch, which has very high isolation between
the ports and can reliably handle max 2 kW power up to
30 MHz. 

An option is Dowkey's Type M SP6T coaxial switch
(136C00100 or 136C00200), which obviously fulfills
these and presumably is an overkill for my
requirements and has such a price-tag, which wouldn't
get easily approved by my CO here.

I'd like to know if there's an alternative to the
Dowkey, which would also fulfill my requirements but
would cost less. 

I'd also like to hear from those who has built their
RF switch units for their SO2R or MO setups about the
components they have used and were satisfied with. 

I'd make a summary of replies and post it here and on
the web. 

Many thanks for all the input!

Zoli HA1AG

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