[CQ-Contest] sharp filters

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If I'm in doubt you they are calling; I'll ask for a fill, even if I copied
the exchange. Slows the rate a bit, but at least I'm sure who they are

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> Chuck Reville wrote:
> >The question I have..  Does the group have a consensus as to feelings
> >not answering people who are 'a fair ways' outside zero beat so that they
> >will be forced to better zerobeat you OR do you just answer 'em to get
> >worked and not worry about it?  It's not a real big deal to me, but I'm
> >looking for other active contester's/operator's thoughts.
> >
> How do you know they are calling YOU???  With the practice of never
> sending the call of the station being called,
> this is a key question to me.  I also will not answer a station calling
> off frequency - unless they either send my call or
> seem to fall into rhythym with my CQ's.  Sometimes I'll simply ask, "Are
> you calling me?"  More often than not,
> I'll hear them exchanging information after a couple of calls, obviously
> with someone else I'm not hearing...
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