[CQ-Contest] Funny wrong spot pile-up

Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Wed Feb 26 17:44:53 EST 2003

I am getting my ARRL CW 80m SO log ready for submittion and it reminded me I
wanted to comment on a funny experience.

It was 0544 UTC the second day and getting very slow. Had made 180 of my 200
QSOs already.

Worked N4RV after 11 minutes of CQ for a dupe and suddenly got a tremendous
pile-up 1 minute after that:)
As I learned later he had misspotted me as EA5TV.
So, all those big guns calling me I figured there had to be spotting error.
So instead of picking somebody up I gave my callsign slowly 2-3 times and
TEST. No help:) After another round of ES5TV,ES5TV,TEST I lost a few guys
but it was hopeless, I gave up and I just had to pick them up.
Worked: K8CC, K9ES, K9NS, N3RS, W0AIH. I gave my call after all those QSOs
but those operators had their minds clearly set:) I know they had good copy
on me, no repetitions asked, I had very good copy of them as well.

It was just very funny to me as this was my first serious CW contest and I
have not experienced so extreme situation in SSB where it usually helps to
stop the pile up and tell your call a few times slowly.

Cu agn in SSB part this weekend on 80m:)


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