[CQ-Contest] Quiet Monitor on sale again

K4SB k4sb at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 9 14:14:26 EST 2003

Larry Johnson wrote:
> I've found that it's not available at the stores, either. It's in this
> week's Staples ad good through next Saturday, but going to the local
> store, the only one left was the demo unit which they won't sell.
> They checked the Staples.com site - none available.
> They checked the stores within 100 miles - none available.
> Rain checks? Not available.
> This happened last time they were on sale, too. But they were happy to
> try to sell me a more expensive monitor.
> LJ

Well, I was lucky enough to find a demo unit near me yesterday. But
everything else which Larry says is right with it. If you try to order
it online, you can't. Staples told me yesterday they expected more on
Friday, but a subsequent check of their Atlanta warehouse turned up
zip, nada, 0. They then told me they were waiting on a backorder from
the manufacturer.

They didn't want to sell me the floor demo either. Until I reminded
them that Georgia has a rather nasty law concerning "bait and switch",
plus some other nasty laws concerning "abuse of the elderly".....

I now have 1 unit, still need one more.


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