[CQ-Contest] Quiet Monitor on sale again

Scott Nichols snichols at mvosprey.com
Thu Jan 9 14:19:44 EST 2003

I agree...I have two 17 inch Samsung SyncMaster 171s LCD flat screens 
and now have lots more space on the desk/shelves and NO noise 
WHATSOEVER...They even look half decent, black to match the 
Yaesu...Highly recommended if you don't mind a few extra $$ to buy 
them...Just don't poke a pen through one, trust me...

Scott VE1OP

Mark Beckwith wrote:

>Last time K6LL posted this I ran out and bought two.  I live in a small town
>with a small Staples.  They had one in stock and had another shipped up from
>The Big City (40 miles) with no hitches.
>Over the holidays I went to AA6TT and operated the Stew.  Bill has all
>flatscreens.  I now regret investing in two new CRT monitors for my new
>station.  Does anybody want to buy these two for $75 each?
>Mark, N5OT
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>>Larry Johnson wrote:
>>>I've found that it's not available at the stores, either. It's in this
>>>week's Staples ad good through next Saturday, but going to the local
>>>store, the only one left was the demo unit which they won't sell.
>>>They checked the Staples.com site - none available.
>>>They checked the stores within 100 miles - none available.
>>>Rain checks? Not available.
>>>This happened last time they were on sale, too. But they were happy to
>>>try to sell me a more expensive monitor.
>>Well, I was lucky enough to find a demo unit near me yesterday. But
>>everything else which Larry says is right with it. If you try to order
>>it online, you can't. Staples told me yesterday they expected more on
>>Friday, but a subsequent check of their Atlanta warehouse turned up
>>zip, nada, 0. They then told me they were waiting on a backorder from
>>the manufacturer.
>>They didn't want to sell me the floor demo either. Until I reminded
>>them that Georgia has a rather nasty law concerning "bait and switch",
>>plus some other nasty laws concerning "abuse of the elderly".....
>>I now have 1 unit, still need one more.
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