[CQ-Contest] Quiet Monitor on sale again

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X kr6x at kr6x.com
Thu Jan 9 10:51:10 EST 2003

I quickly read the rebate form that Staples printed out for me on the
first monitor that I bought before I bought a second one.  I found a
statement objecting to "fraudulent multiple" rebate submissions,
but I would not interpret this as denying a second rebate on a 
second purchase; it would only deny fraudulent submissions.  I
did take the precaution of making the purchases on two different
transactions so that I'd have two different original register receipts
to submit.  The low price that results from the rebate is a factor in
my decision to buy these as I am really only buying larger monitors
for my two son's computers (for game playing) rather than looking
for RF quiet monitors.  My son's computers presently have 14 inch
monitors that are about 10 years old.

Frankly, I've operated a number of contests at several different
radio stations with numerous different monitors without ever 
hearing emissions from those monitors.  Except, I have always 
heard my own home computers and other electronic equipment 
in my house.  This is odd -- I'll go to several different Multi-op 
stations with multiple monitors of different and makes and models
and none will seem to cause trouble, then I'll come home and I
can't even drive up my driveway without every AM broadcast band
station being completely covered by garbage that clearly comes
from within my house -- even though not a monitor nor television
is powered up.  I've come to expect it.  The VCR's put out big
garbage on 75 and 40 unless you unplug them -- the power switch
doesn't help.  My DSL modem is probably responsible for radiation
that could be heard across the continent if you know where to listen.
And, I've got 6 computers under power at all times and 3 more that
turn on and off with use, what with primary domain controller, backup 
domain controllers, e-mail server, web server, personal workstations 
and home security monitoring computers all around the house.  FRI
nightmare.  Can't do contests from home anymore.
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> One quick follow up on the Monitor...Still trying to find another one,
> but Staples told me they will not honor the rebate on 1 if you buy 2.
> 73
> Ed
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