[CQ-Contest] Re: IARU line scores in QST, not

Scott W4PA w4pa at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 10 08:32:19 EST 2003

>Errrr... the most recent IARU results I can find on 
>shows N4AF with W4PA at the controls as #3 W/VE CW - this was 2001.

>I presume Scott is referring to the 2002 results - where are they?

>73, VR2BrettGraham (an ARRL member again)

I'm looking at them in the February 2003 QST.  

Virtually all of the guest ops are not credited in the top 10 boxes.
There are a few references to them in the text of the article if
you were top 2 or top 3 in a category (no mention of W4AN/W4PA
in the text - I don't care about that anyway).

BTW - I did not operate N4AF in the 2001 IARU.  I was operating
WX0B and finished 4th.  The top 10 box for 2001 results is also
in error.  So 2 years in a row I wasn't listed right in the box,
and the fact that QST no longer publishes the line scores
means that the magazine cannot be referred to for the correct line 
score if the box is in error.  And since the mag is generally
the archival document...you see where I am going with this.

I understand errors can happen; I wrote the 2002
ARRL DX CW summary article and there were a couple of glitches
that had to be fixed prior to mag publication that were caught
by alert readers when the .PDF of the results appeared prior
to QST going to press.   

But two years in a row in the box wrong, and now no results to
compare against....ugh.  N1ND, don't take this personally.

Scott W4PA

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