[CQ-Contest] NAQP name handicap experiment

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Wed Jan 15 13:13:51 EST 2003

I can't help but wonder if an unusual name is a
hinderance to the NAQP score, particularly in the
SSB contest.  In the CW contest, it's not as much
of an issue I suspect because 1) the name is spelled
out with each QSO and 2) there are fewer casual QSOs.

In the last August NAQP SSB, I repeated my name "Kirk" 
about two hundred times, and it got really old, really 
fast. So this weekend I am going to try an experiment.
I'll use my shortened middle name, and see if I experience 
fewer repeat requests.  Folks using some kind of exchange 
database better be paying attention or they'll be dinged.

Good luck to all this weekend..


"Bob" K4RO

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