[CQ-Contest] serious question clarification

Chris Hurlbut c_hurlbut at adelphia.net
Wed Jan 15 14:18:57 EST 2003

I would delete the QSO from my log, and hope the other guy doesn't get mad
at me when he sees his UBN report.

I would probably make a mental note to maybe dupe the guy later on just to
make sure he doesn't hunt me down after the contest. :)

-Chris KL9A

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> I have received a number of responses basically saying "take the contact
> out" because "it's not a valid QSO."  The implication is that if the other
> guy won't answer my request for fills then he deserves to have the QSO
> out of his log.
> I re-read my post and realize I was not clear.  Here's what I am really
> talking about:
> I call CQ, a station calls, I work him, he goes away.  So far so good?
> I look up at what I typed and can't make heads or tails out of or,, say,
> name's got a typo so I backspace back to fix the name, foolishly deleting
> the QSO number and not realizing it.
> So now I am in a position where I don't want to log the info because I
> it is not right; but the other guy delivered a perfectly good QSO.
> I don't mind losing the QSO - because what I did was really stupid.  Why
> should the other guy, who delivered a 100% perfect, solid QSO, get dinged
> for my stupidity?
> Why should my UBN report get dinged when it is not "an error" per se,
> I already am fully aware its wrong, and would like to submit the line item
> for informational purposes only but not count it toward my score?
> Someone else said "just make it for zero points" but I don't believe that
> possible in a Cabrillo submission.
> So now you guys answer my real question instead of the one you thought I
> asking because my previous post was unclear.
> Mark, N5OT
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