[CQ-Contest] CW NAQP Observations

Jeff Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Thu Jan 16 13:37:56 EST 2003

 I couldn't help but notice but the top ten NAQP CW Single-Op score box look
strikingly similar to what you might see for the top ten box for HP CW Sweepstakes.
(minus a KP4) I have been a NAQP regular since the beginning and it seems many of
these "big guns" have just "discovered" the NAQP.

I wonder if the sponsors would maybe consider maybe changing the rules so that there
is a high power, low power and QRP class. That way all those guys with the
mega-stations can compete with each other and those of us that don't have that luxury
can compete with stations that are more on our level.  Plus adding in a class for
those QRP contesters would really add more activity for those who like to do that.
Look what the QRP class has done for activity in SS ???

The NAQP has taken a tremendous leap in activity in the past couple years and clubs
like SMC,TCG,NCCC and others who have put out a big effort to put together teams (
sorry if I missed anyone else) and they are responsible for the popularity that NAQP
currently has. I think having the separate power classes would increase the activity
even more.

               73's Jeff KU8E

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