[CQ-Contest] CW NAQP Observations

Scott Nichols snichols at mvosprey.com
Fri Jan 17 12:02:00 EST 2003

I think in a domestic contest such as NAQP, it's more about antennas and 
operator prowess than it is with power. Some of the signals I heard from 
the "big guns" with low power last weekend were not all that "weaker" 
than when I hear them in HP contests...With some of these 20 acre, 15 
tower, 6 antenna/tower, beverage, 4-square antenna farms I see pictures 
of these days, they would likely be loud with 2 watts...More power to 
them (so to speak)...They have the gear, they deserve their 
victories...I wish I had the cash and real estate to try it...Until 
then, I'll have fun with my one beam and three wires wrapped around 
every tree in my back yard...

I'm a personal fan of CQ's "Tri-Bander/Wires" category...That, IMHO, 
really evens out the playing field...

If I had the choice between laying out thousands of dollars for an amp, 
or laying out the same cash for some great low band antennas? You bet 
there would be a 4 square or something like it on my property with only 
100 watts going to it....Now, if I could only convince the lady across 
my road to sell me her 30 acres of hay field...

73, and will see you (only for a couple hours unfortunately) this 
weekend during the NAQP SSB...

Scott VE1OP

Jeff Clarke wrote:

> I couldn't help but notice but the top ten NAQP CW Single-Op score box look
>strikingly similar to what you might see for the top ten box for HP CW Sweepstakes.
>(minus a KP4) I have been a NAQP regular since the beginning and it seems many of
>these "big guns" have just "discovered" the NAQP.
>I wonder if the sponsors would maybe consider maybe changing the rules so that there
>is a high power, low power and QRP class. That way all those guys with the
>mega-stations can compete with each other and those of us that don't have that luxury
>can compete with stations that are more on our level.  Plus adding in a class for
>those QRP contesters would really add more activity for those who like to do that.
>Look what the QRP class has done for activity in SS ???
>The NAQP has taken a tremendous leap in activity in the past couple years and clubs
>like SMC,TCG,NCCC and others who have put out a big effort to put together teams (
>sorry if I missed anyone else) and they are responsible for the popularity that NAQP
>currently has. I think having the separate power classes would increase the activity
>even more.
>               73's Jeff KU8E
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