[CQ-Contest] Logger 8.07 DXCC report for Digital modes (RTTY) and QSL flag changes

Simo at omnitele.fi Simo at omnitele.fi
Fri Jan 17 09:33:42 EST 2003


I installed the great Logger 8.07 and did recalc for my logs, which
include CW,SSB and RTTY mode QSOs. I did check the DXCC report for CW
and SSB and the both work fine, but for Digital modes I have only 0
records on the table. I suppose the RTTY QSOs should be calculated in
the Digital report?

What did I wrong or is this a bug in the software?

I checked also the Bandplan file and it does not say if a mode is
digital, cw or ssb type. How does the program know which mode belongs
to which category?!?

Second question: Is there a way to list in a txt-file all the QSOs and
their details which are used when the DXCC listings are made? It is
quite frustrating to check one-by-one all the qsos in the DXCC table.

Third question: Is there a way to change the QSL-flag for a number of
QSOs at the same time? I tried to select many of the QSO-lines, but it
did not work. Well, one can allways export the log to ASCII and use
the brutal editor way to do this and then import the log back, but if
there is an elegant way to do this I would appreciate to know.

73 de Simo
spatari at cc.hut.fi

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