[CQ-Contest] Radio Amateur's Callbook CD

Chuck discreetly_confidential at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 23 13:32:06 EST 2003

(info courtesy of Carl, WC4T)

If you wanted to get the Winter 2003 RAC OR were
wondering about it's future, wonder no more.

Carl WC4T provided me the following URL 
http://callbook.com  That will take you to a
website that announces that the RAC 'Flying
Horse' continues. Winter 2003 is available AND
they announce a May 2003 issue upcoming.

I have no connection with anyone or anything
involved with the RAC, but since it's beena
staple and many of us were sad to see it go, it's
nice to know it will still be around.

I have already requested info on getting my 2003
Winter copy. Will let you know if any glitches.

Chuck K3FT

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