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<< I think Bill understates the cost requirement. If you are considering
 a jump to SO2R, you probably have already come a long way in building
 your SO1R station. If your going to do SO2R, you may as well do it
 correctly right off the bat. Sooner or later, you are going to end
 up with an equipment configuration that looks like this: >>

Let's see.  If we assume that everyone starts at the top of the food chain 
with equipment when they first start contesting Dave's asumption is 
correct...money is a problem.  However, one can borrow an xcvr (no money) or 
purchase a used older rig (like the one most of us had when we started).  
After all it's the second rig for S/P ing.

As for an amp, same thing....borrowed.  If one can not borrow one, most 
contests have a LP division, or like in the NAQP have LP  power requirements. 
 Or do like some guys do...just run barefoot with the second radio for S/P.

My first two radio switches until a couple of years ago were some of B and W 
coax switches...$10  apiece.

Band pass filters.....roll your own like I did from old coax...lots of it is 
free or almost so.

Band decoders...I didn't have 'em until couple of years and did OK.

Two radio controller...built my own.  Mine looks like crap but it does the 
job.  Total cost $15.  I copied it from anNCJ article.  By the way, I am an 
appliance op!

Second antenna...old verticals/ dipoles/beat up tribanders....whatever.  If 
you need more get up and go, switch to the main antenna if you need the mult 
that badly.

Total cost for everything, maybe $700 bucks...a cheap computer.

The bottom line is, let's not assume everyone is going to start at the top in 
terms of equipment for SO2R  I didn't and most hams who SO2R didn't either.  
We slowly put it all together, just like the main station.    Yes, one can 
spend kilo bucks or one can do it on the cheap.

Yep, I do SO2R with two FT 1000 MK V and have the two amps, big stacks on big 
towers, blah, blah, blah.  But, it's taken me almost five years to get to 
this point.  And, the thing to remember...just because you have two radios, 
lots of antennas, and all the bells and whistles, you can take a serious 
ass-whipping if you don't know what you are doing on SO2R.  Just look at my 
NAQP CW score from two weeks ago. Some SO1R guys above me. It's the op as 
well as the radios.  Having two radios is fine....you gotta know how to use 

BIll K4XS   SO2R with lots to learn on SO2R CW!

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