[CQ-Contest] Again - does not do justice to the theme

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Jan 24 22:45:10 EST 2003

    this topic has been beaten over and over and over on 
CQ-Contest...but like every other time I will contribute $ .02...

You have an individual with one set of gray matter sitting in a chair - 
hem and he alone is responsible for making as many QSOs show up in the 
log.  He realizes he wastes a good deal of time calling CQ in the sense 
that he could be doing something else while the computer was calling CQ 
- like listening for new QSOs on say another band... He wires his audio 
from two stations into the headset and he through practice can discern 
one from the other and after practice real time finds his contact and 
especially his multiplier totals go up -  is there another person in the 
shack - no - hence it is still single op.  If you can do this well 
enough that it does not impare your performance had you just ran one 
radio you have achived a higher level of operator ability - taken it to 
the next xstep - went from brown belt to black belt - whatever... and - 
you should not in any way be penalized for developing your mind to one 
which is better able to handle so much data!

If a guy can do SO2R, he should be congratulated and this talk of 
unfairness is balderdash - the issue is not the equipment ability - 
everyone can borrow a second radio, etc.... the thing that makes this an 
asset to the competitor is he is scanning more things simultaneouly with 
his BRAIN, his gray cells are doing more!

As far as the packett arguement that is pure crap - and totally 
unrelated.  Utilizing Packett is the same as having another op (or 
several hundted ops?) in the shack with you - telling you where 
something needed is.... no longer is it one operator derviving all the 
info by himself!

I am not saying the category is illegitimate - only that when you add 
packett you are in essence a multi-op entry and as such lumping you with 
those who do NOT use packett is unfair.

I think I have said this about 10 times before over the years on this 
reflector - but - they say new guys are always signing up so.... there's 
my take.


Jim, K4OJ


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