[CQ-Contest] So2R

Mike Gilmer, N2MG n2mg at eham.net
Sat Jan 25 12:17:49 EST 2003

High-power operating is basically a bolt-on advantage, requiring little
further investment in operating technique.   Packet allows operators to take
advantage of the efforts of hundreds of other operators in realtime during
the contest.  SO2R is NOT a bolt-on advantage, and enlists no help from

I see plenty of logic.

If we're going to debate the need for SO2R, let's pick analogies that *work*
or none at all.

Mike N2MG

VE5ZX wrote:
> Let me see high power is a 'trick of the trade' -- it has its own
> Packet is a 'trick of the trade' --  it has its own category for single
> Multiple operators is a 'trick of the trade' -- its has two categories.
> There seems to be something missing from the logic of the above reasoning.

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