[CQ-Contest] So2R

Sylvan Katz jskatz at sk.sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 25 19:39:35 EST 2003

> May be SO2R needs to be marked in the results if the number of SO2R
> participants does not justify creation of the separate category.
> On the other hand the results of top 3 packet assisted (if memory serves
> right) are always less then top 3 in the not assisted category. So may be
> there is no need to separate these two. Just again mark packet assisted in
> the results and that will be enough.

Igor, this is a wonderfully sensible idea! In fact, if the summary
information for each contest was kept in a proper and publicly accessible
database with a few additional fields of information we would have a change
of seeing how we did in relationship to others with similar set-ups. In
fact, it would allow us to have "contests with in contest" without
disturbing the original contest. This is a true 21st century idea.

... Sylvan

Sylvan Katz, VE5ZX
Saskatoon, SK

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