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Patrick Hoppe phoppe at wi.rr.com
Sat Jan 25 12:57:25 EST 2003

You are not alone.  I have somehow managed to find and work DX by simply
listening.  I am sure the DX clusters are nice, by it somehow seems to
take some of the challenge out of it.  

Each of us are in this hobby for different reasons.  I like the
challenge of working a contest with little more than my own skills.
Heck, using my pc for logging / duping seems somehow too easy.  But I
will consent to do that.

There has been a lot of activity on the reflector about "unfair
advantages".  Maybe it's because I enter the contests to hone my skills,
meet new ops and work new countries, that I don't worry about
mega-antenna farms and guest ops.  After all, if it weren't for stations
like mine - those big guns would have no one to contact.

When I think of contesting, I spell success - F U N.


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At 21:39 1/24/03 -0700, Matt wrote:
>Also, I'm sure everybody's in the assisted category as there are no
>ops" left in DXing with all using packet for the last 8 years anyway

Nope.  There is at least one left.  Me.

Chas - N5UL

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