[CQ-Contest] Advantages...

Mark Beckwith mark at concertart.com
Mon Jan 27 19:39:58 EST 2003

Matt said:

>>Also, I'm sure everybody's in the assisted category as there are no
>>ops" left in DXing with all using packet for the last 8 years anyway I'm

Charles said:

> Nope.  There is at least one left.  Me.

Make no mistake, I don't like packet.  However, when setting up for my first
ever serious multi-single (ARRL 10M) at my own station, I figured I'd better
get on packet, because it would simply be suicide to attempt it without

My station is out in the country.  There is no phone.  I like it that way.
So I dug out an old 2M rig and an old TNC which I bought but never used, and
got it all working and then put up a little yagi on one of the towers and
tried to find a signal.

There is no packetcluster available at my QTH.  There is no packet network
any more in Oklahoma.  Well there you are.  Now, in order to be competitive
I have to get Internet to my shack and I don't even have a damn phone.

Anyway, we committed suicide and it appears we came in 7th (ARRL 10M)
without packet.  That's gotta be good for something.

There's a new stanza in there for Matt's poem somewhere.

Mark, N5OT

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