[CQ-Contest] dupe sheets, Op-Aid 6

Mike Gilmer, N2MG n2mg at eham.net
Mon Jan 27 14:51:20 EST 2003

I had a ritual when I hosted a series of DX contest multi-ops back in 
the mid-late 80s... I would create a new custom dupe sheet after going 
over last years so I could get the area-per-country layout correct.  
Problem was, even though the sunspots were declining, we kept improving 
our antennas so much between 'tests that some countries' areas never 
were big enough!  There were always many dozens of calls written in 
the margins.  ;-)

Mike N2MG

N5OT wrote
> > And remember the Op-Aid 6 had no "X" column because 
> > there were no (public anyway) calls with suffixes beginning 
> > with "X".
> > In 1977 when all the new calls came out, there was no place 
> > to put the "X" calls, not any standardized rules for entering 
> > calls beginning with the letters A and N!

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