[CQ-Contest] Why pick on SO2R?

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 27 19:31:14 EST 2003


A couple of recent postings have brought to light the core of my objection
to singling out SO2R for special consideration....

Several people have mentioned the
tegory" angle. A few of these posts have attempted to discredit any notion
that SO2R requires skill, skill that in my view, advances the

If it's just a cost thing, why single out SO2R?

Case in point: one of the most vocal proponents of delineating SO2R in some
way mentioned he has a C31XR at 60 feet. For me to upgrade from my MA5B at
30, it would cost me about $2,000 Cdn. in concrete for the tower base,
additional tower sections to add to the 48-footer in my garage and whatever
a C31XR sells for. My entire second radio setup didn't cost $400 Cdn.

Admittedly, I've not attempted a contest with it yet, but I have been able
to satisfy myself that there are no interference issues requiring additional
expenditure at this time.

So why would my "advantage" be singled out while the much more
significant -- in my view -- advantage of a C31XR at 60 feet is not? I would
gladly trade in my second radio today for that hardware, but right now,
building a tower just won't work for a number of reasons. I'd love to have
an Alpha, but now, finances dictate that when I use an amp at all, it's my
homebrew 4-400 job.

I accept that as my lot in life and I do not mean to advocate for a new
category. I merely pose the philosophical side of the question: why are
some -- arguably much more significant and costly -- advantages accepted
without question while SO2R -- for which most people agree the data is not
in -- is portrayed as evil incarnate?

I think the answer is that it is much more expedient to spin SO2R as an
expensive, elitist toy than it is to accept that some operators are just
better than others.

Life isn't fair, but it is life.

73, kelly

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