[CQ-Contest] the olde days - SO2R & paper duping versus logging with a computer

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Jan 30 17:18:41 EST 2003

N5NJ penned the following on the CQ-Contest reflector:

Of course, we all developed our won methods of dealing with all of this that made it manageable, but my point is really focused on all of those methods becoming obsolete and unnecessary thereby freeing up all of the energy and time that was used in doing the paperwork, now available to apply to other activities.


When I learned that the photocopier would print onto any colored paper 
the only task was finding six different faint colors.... went out and 
bought a "vertical file" at the office supply place (big bux for a 
teenager at the time) and proceeded to put each band folder into a slot 
(ooops there were only five - had to double team 80/160)...

Other fond memories include the home brew dupe sheets which alloted 
space based on anticipated need - my SS dupesheet was replicated at a 
blueprint place - it was huge....  the DX dupe sheets had hardly any 
space for JA's but lots for Europeans - after all I was a W1 then....

On the subject of SO2R - I remember  WA1JLD (K1JX) using two stations in 
the ARRL DX in the mid seventies, an S-Line and a Heath line - he ended 
up he only could operate one of the two weekends but still made top ten 
- things sure have changed!  He also clues me into Beyer headphones 
which still are some of the best!

Funny how now the thought of doing a contest WITHOUT a logging program 
is so ugly that a lot of guys will watch HBO instead!  On that subject, 
many of the loggin programs out there support the

Florida QSO Party

Which happens to be on April 26 & 27 this year...

Full details/rules on the FQP including historical info can be found at


FWIW we run our K4FCG/Mobile operation from a laptop computer and it is 
a piece of cake!

73, only 86 days until FQP 2,003!

Jim, K4OJ
Florida Contest Group

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