[CQ-Contest] Practice NA Sprint SSB Friday night, Jan. 31

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Thu Jan 30 22:29:46 EST 2003

N6ZFO asked me to up-date info on the NCCC-sponsored practice micro-sprint 
on Friday night:

03Z (1900 PST/2200 EST):  Check in/listen on/near 3830 for last-minute 
strategy discussions.  All welcome.

0315Z:  15 minute micro-sprint on 40 and 75m (7220+/-  20 and 3830 +/-  20)

0330Z:  Rehash, critique,  Q/A session.

Basic strategy is to S & P to make one QSO, acquire the frequency and get 
another one.  Only CQ when a band has been worked out, or an obvious clear 
freq. shows up as you tune for a new 'target' QSO.  Don't sweat the mults, 
they will come (or not).

Print out these messages with your own info and tape to your bench to help 
you get started.  The flow of the information is different in the two 
'modes' of making a QSO.  Practice at bit before the micro and the 'real 
thing' on Saturday.


1. When called by someone after CQ or after acquiring the frequency:

"His Call"      N6RO       #___        KEN      CA

2. After acquiring the frequency (can only happen after you have called 

'His Call'      #_____        KEN       CA       N6RO

Putting your call at the end of this message tells the world you have 
acquired the frequency and welcome someone to call.  When someone does 
call, send msg. #1.

Much more referral info is in an earlier message from our sprint 
coordinator, WX5S, and at:  http://n6tr.jzap.com/sprint.html   Is your 
software/station ready?

Have fun, N6RO

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