[CQ-Contest] Deliberate QRM - an observation from Svalbard

Ragnar Otterstad otterstad at enter.vg
Sat Mar 8 08:53:14 EST 2003

>We expect non-contesters to flex for us on the weekends.
>Bill K4XS
>With respect, I think that is too much to ask for. Many people have only
>weekends available for ham radio.  We as contesters have to be more
>considerate and not let our egos get the better of us.
>Confrontation is not a good idea. IMHO

But with rare exceptions (IARU, for example), our contests are single mode or
single band, and none use the WARC bands -- surely there is lots of
contest-free spectrum on almost every weekend.

73, Pete N4ZR

Absolutely, but for some reason or other , people tend to stick to their
habits, have skeds or what not.
I think the goal must be to avoid confrontation and bad feelings towards us in
the contest community.

73  Rag  LA5HE

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