[CQ-Contest] Re: Your 10M Propagation Experience in ARRL DX?

Salina Physician Anesthesia spa at tri.net
Mon Mar 10 14:45:47 EST 2003

Trying to decide whether to work WPX as single band from Kansas on either 
10M or 15M.  The ACE program and ARRL predicitions both led me to beleive 
that 10M would be minimal to Eu and JA for the ARRL DX.  I worked 15M in a 
minimal effort, but heard KP3 mention that he worked 1400 more stations on 
10M than 15M (short skip?) so the bodies were up on 10M. 

I would rather have the wide open spaces on 10M than listen to my TS940 
collapse with the sigs on 15M, but not sure about propagation. 

Your experiences on 10M would be appreciated. (Off line?) 


BTW:  ACE seems to be a great program and shows some of the propagation I 
hear that isn't intuitive, but would like to have a great circle display so 
I can directly see what lies under the beam pattern. 

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