[CQ-Contest] callsign advantages

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Wed Mar 12 01:50:31 EST 2003

Why I chose K4RO:

- It really doesn't need phonetics on phone.  
  No other letters sound like "ARE" or "OH"
  and the "KAY FOUR" always had punch to my ear.

- It ends in the most powerful Morse alpha character.
  Only the zero has a higher dah count.

- It has the one phonetic that every ham knows: RADIO.
  The only downside of "R" is there is no 2-syllable 
  phonetic, excpet Roger, which no one uses anymore.

- It feels good on CW. I can send it for a long time
  by hand without tiring.

- If I want to get cute, I can make up many phrases
  that end with "Operator."  Radio-Op, RTTY-Op, Retro-Op
  Rockin'-Op, and of course my all-time favorite, Rotten-Op.

- N4ZZ recommended it to me.  Don told me his elmer K4PJ 
  recommended "K 4 Radio Operator" to him, but of course
  Don wound up with N 4 Zed Zed.

I get confused with K4NO and K4AO the most.  On the other
hand, I rarely seem to get mixed up with N6RO or K6RO.
Perhaps being a few thousand miles apart helps. I'm sure 
Ken liked it better before November 1996 though.  Ken will
always be the Original RO.  (And another musician to boot!)

-Kirk  K4RO

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