[CQ-Contest] Callsign Advantages

Russell Hill rustyhill at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 12 12:18:39 EST 2003

Jim wrote:
> On CW, avoid letters with the same symbol three-in-a-row, like:
> B (dah-dit-dit-dit)
> H (dit-dit-dit-dit)
> J (dit-dah-dah-dah)
> O (dah-dah-da
> S (dit-dit-dit)
> V (dit-dit-dit-dah)
> Multiple dits in a row tend to lose a dit, dahs aren't as much of a
> problem.  Same goes with numbers, avoid 4 and 6 if possible (that's easy
> do, so many of them are assigned already!)
> Letters that work best are ones that alternate dits and dahs, usually
> ending in a dah, like A, C, K, N, R.
> Notice that K1AR has three of those letters!
> 73 - Jim AD1C

When I applied for my call, NA5TR, I didn't realize the calls N6TR and K5TR
were already in use.  (Sorry, Tree and George!)

I am going to try some contesting with my current call, and see what
happens.  I suspect the call similarity will be more of a potential problem
for me than them.  If it does appear to be a problem, I need to get a new
call.  I am only advanced, so 2x2 or 1x3.

Reading all the mail, the calls K5TRO, K5TRX, KT5RA, KT5RT, and KT5RM occur
to me as being possibly useful on both CW and SSB.   (K5TRA, K5TRM are
better, but both taken.)

I want to avoid booby traps such as my current NA5TR, though I like the call
and have used it for several years now.

Comments please??

Thanks, 73

You already know the call sign.

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