[CQ-Contest] Guest OPS

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 30 19:46:13 EST 2003

Hi Sean,

Seems to me that you're blaming the wrong entity.

The situation you describe seems to be an FCC regulation requirement (that
of needing a "control" op to access the greater privileges), and nothing
that the contest rules have any jurisdiction over.

(Contest rules cannot override regulations.)

Now, if there is no such regulation in place, I don't see anything in the
rules that requires there to be a control op, irrespective of the callsign
used. Nor does it seem to me that the intent of any rule is to reclassify
your situation from single op to multi op if there is such a regulation in

Remember, the only thing the rules say is that a single operator is a
station where ONE operator does ALL the operating, logging and adjustments.
If your father had no active role in operating, his presence as a "control"
op is not relevant. There is no mention in the rules of including non-active
hams as operators. It's only when the other person or person takes an ACTIVE
role in operating does the single-operator rule require reclassification
into multi-op.

So here's the solution: did your father have any active role in your
operation? Did he tweak any controls, assist with any logging or help dig
out the weak ones? If all he did was be there, you're still single op.

If I had a roomful of spectators who were licensed, that doesn't make me a
multiop until someone assists me. If they just watch, that's not operating.

73, kelly

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> This weekend I have found out there is a major flaw in our contest rules
that makes no sense to me. I went to my fathers station who has an extra
license. I have a general licese. But none the less I was the "Guest OP"
there. Well that is how I was going to do this. Until we questioned
ourselves. How can I be the "Guest OP" when I am using his call and his
privilidges. I always see for example XXXX @ YYYY.  So I now figured we had
to be a MS1. Multi Single 1 transmitter. Why is this? Due to the fact that
ham XXXX is operator 1 and YYYY is operator 2 = 2 ops one station. YYYY
doesn't even have to operate though he is the Control station. He has to be
there. So think of this in your mind. There is no such thing as a "Guest OP"
it is a Multi Single or Multi OP always. Since as long as you use the
station callsign and not yours call sign they are the Control OP as I see it
unless it is a club station callsign.
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