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Cqtestk4xs at aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Sun Aug 1 16:03:09 EDT 2004

Well thats my view and may i say this site makes intresting reading
73  fer now and  thanks;

Well thought out OM. 
I think most SSB contesters do make an effort to avoid 14230.  I know  the 
SSTV guys vehemently defend that frequency.  I understand their  case.  However, 
when I am operating on 14226 or 14227.0 and I have one of  the SSTV guys tell 
me I need to QSY, I get annoyed....especially when he tells  me, "I guess I 
am going to have to teach you a lesson."    And  then, proceeds to 
intentionally QRM me by playing back my CQs or other stations'  CQs, even though I am at 
least 3 kHz off the official frequency.  This kind  of crap has happened a lot 
more than once.
On contests weekends the best anyone can hope for is 3 kHz of clear  
spectrum.  Why should SSTV guys deserve any more than that?  I think  the SSTV guys 
need to realize that.
Bill K4XS

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