[CQ-Contest] Remote operation entirely through IP?

Kristinn Andersen andersen at simnet.is
Sat Aug 7 15:15:23 EDT 2004



Does anyone have an update on hardware and software that would allow me to
operate an HF transceiver (one of the current models or a special DSP unit)
entirely remotely through a LAN?  That is, not only the rig control
functions but streaming the audio in good quality both ways, as well.  I
believe this may not be "in the spirit" of amateur radio, if practiced over
long distances.  However, in my case I am simply thinking about remotely
operating my rig from a different location within the house.  Say, operating
through the computer from one room while the rig itself is located in
another one. 


Oh, and from the contesting viewpoint, would this be permissible for the
major contests?


73 de TF3KX


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