[CQ-Contest] Fw: FT1000D Question

Tony Rogozinski trogo at cfl.rr.com
Sat Aug 7 23:45:03 EDT 2004

For the past few days I was having trouble making contacts on 20 with my low
so I figured it was just conditions.  However today in the NAQP I called
guys with strong
signals with no response.  For some reason I switched to the 2.0 filter from
the 500HZ
filter and the first station I called came right back.  After doing this
routine several times
I finally discovered that I'm hearing the stations 1.2KHZ off frequency with
the narrow
filter!  I used the TX Clarifier and set my transmit frequency 1.2KHZ low
and have no
trouble working people now using the narrow filter.

I'm not very technically oriented so I wonder what the heck is going on?  Am
I missing
something or do the filters need adjusting?  If so can this be done
locally - unfortunately
the manual is packed in a box in the garage like most of my other stuff so
I'm really
stuck for info.

Anyone out there have any advice?

Tony N7BG

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