[CQ-Contest] NAQP SSB Contest - Players wanted by TCG

Ny4n at aol.com Ny4n at aol.com
Mon Aug 9 13:15:38 EDT 2004

Ok, the NAQP CW contest is over, and I hope all of you did well. It is now 
time to make plans for the NAQP SSB contest. I am NY4N, Jeff, and I am putting 
together teams for the contest for the Tennessee Contest Group. Our team names 
this year will in conjunction with classic and muscle cars ! It will be held 
on the following date and times:

According to the NCJ, SSB: 1800Z August 21 to 0600Z August 22, 2004 (Third 
full weekend in August) 

>   Larry, W0ETC, says it best with the RTTY statement "You only need operate 
> 10 of the 12 hours to be a full time player, which gives you time for a 
> break with your kids or whoever. If you only want to play for a few hours, great, 
> join us and get in on the action. Please join us in the fun of NAQP SSB.  
>   As always, the more players the more fun for all so get on for NAQP SSB 
> and join in the excitement of being on a team! As always, it does not matter 
> what your intentions for the contest, your station, or where you live.  No 
> matter what, if you'd like  to play on a team, you are welcome to play with TCG". 
> (of course, I changed it to SSB from RTTY) hi hi).
   Please take a few minutes in the next few days and see if you would be 
interested in 
> playing with the TCG.  Also, try to figure how much time you can spend. An 
> easier way to calculate you operating time might be to use the 1-10 system.
 Say, for example, if you can operate the entire 10 hours, your number would 
be 10. If you  > only had three hours to spare, your number would be a 3. Of 
> course, It is just an estimate, and you are free to operate as much or as 
> little as you wish. We have the following signed up already:

W4TDB                   FT          10
W1KLM                   FT           10 (WX Permitting)
AA0BA                   PT          4
W4PV                    PT          3
AF4QB                   PT             7

If you have sent me your schedule and call and don't see it on the list, 
please resubmit.

> Please understand, the TCG puts "having fun" and Improving skills as two of 
> many objectives to its existence. Let me say now, you are most welcome to 
> play with us, no matter how long you can spare or your location. Playing on a 
> team does not change your category or score submittal. You are just adding 
> your score with others on your team. If you are playing with another group and 
> receive this message, the TCG wishes you good luck and many Q's. I am looking 
> forward to hearing from you.  73   NY4N   

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