[CQ-Contest] 2004 Ohio QSO Party - August 28

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Mon Aug 9 13:42:14 EDT 2004

It's time to mark your calendars, whether paper, electronic, or  mental, for 
the 2004 Ohio QSO Party on Saturday, August 28.
This is a 12 hour event, from noon to midnight EDT (1600z to 0400z  August 
The OQP has two new features this year: 
1.  A "Rover" category has been added, distinct  from "Mobile".  While the 
Mobile category has the normal  "capable of motion" requirement, Rovers may stop 
and put down temporary  roots, like full size antennas and AC mains power.  
This provides a great  opportunity to combine the thrill of the "fresh meat" 
pileups, of  being loud enough to attract some attention, and the pleasure of 
being outside  in the late summer weather.  It's also a great idea for solo 
drivers  who would spend a lot of time parked anyway.
2.  This year a plaque will be awarded to the top Ohio Single  Operator Phone 
score. Note, however, that you can work CW,  enter mixed mode and still be 
eligible for this plaque.  We  will break out your phone totals to decide the 
winner.  That is,  a station that makes 800 SSB qsos and 50 CW qsos will beat a 
station  that makes 750 SSB qsos. (Assuming the same phone multiplier  total, 
of course.)  
We hope you'll all join us on August 28.  Get on from home,  or come to Ohio 
to join us in the fun. Visitors are welcome!
Full OQP info is at      _www.oqp.us_ (http://www.oqp.us)  
See you in the 2004 Ohio QSO Party.
Jim   K8MR
OQP Chairman

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