[CQ-Contest] Advantages not created equal

mark at nevus.org mark at nevus.org
Wed Aug 11 15:47:54 EDT 2004

N6NT asks:

> But this station offers neither the "West Coast Advantage" nor is able to
> exploit the "Caribbean Loophole".  How could one possibly do any good from
> such a locale?

I'm surprised at you, Bruce, don't you know the so-called "West Coast
Advantage" is nothing more than a fabrication of disgruntled easterners who
are looking for some way to ease the agony of defeat in non-worldwide DX
contests?  They don't realize our little secret, that operating from such a
geographically disadvantageous QTH as California actually makes us superior

N5OT went empty because I got invited to join the K5KA multi-two at the last
minute.  Later I was glad nobody operated N5OT, because K5KA was the only
Oklahoma station on.  Anybody who wanted to get Oklahoma in the log on any
band had to "take a number and stand in line."  It was great!

I lost count of how many "can you QSY to 10?" we had to turn down because of
the counterproductive and unnecessary 10 minute rule which should be
rescinded.  I wish those legions of tube-radio guys would upgrade to
solid-state radios so we could finally bag the 10 minute rule once and for

Ask me what I *really* think :)

The NAQP isn't perfect (yet), but it's a dang fine contest anyway.

Mark, N5OT

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