[CQ-Contest] A Picture's Worth 1000 Words - Was:The Station Notebook

Jim Idelson k1ir at designet.com
Mon Aug 16 07:46:47 EDT 2004

I also keep a loose leaf binder with various sections about antennas, computer 
setups, rig settings, etc. But the most valuable logging technique I use is my 
digital camera. I keep zillions of digital pix. A photo of the wiring to the 
rotator control box does the job very quickly and accurately. In many cases, I 
will document a complete project with digital photos - ring rotor assembly, 
installing PL-259 on 1/2" hardline, the rotation loop around the mast. There 
are many things that are too difficult and time-consuming to write down. 
Remember bytes are free; these days gigabytes are free.


Jim Idelson K1IR
email    k1ir at designet.com
web    http://www.designet.com/k1ir

PS.  Remember, your computer backups WILL save your life someday.

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