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Harry Hodges w6yoo at cox.net
Mon Aug 16 13:34:14 EDT 2004

I have a 95 Ranger that had the same problem caused by the fuel pump located
in the tank. Ford had an in-line filter sold as after market that is easy to
install (you have to drop the tank) and it corrected the problem. There was
a factory bulletin that explained the problem and installation of the filter
on the pump's power supply line.

Maybe the Ranger's all have this problem but not enough folks require the
solution so they don't install them when the truck is built.


Harry, W6YOO

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> I've a 2000 Ford Ranger 4.0L and the ignition noise below 21 Mhz is awful!
> N8RA
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> Contesters,
> I am shopping for a new pick-up which will be used,  among other things,
> for a mobile contest set-up with a truck camper.
> Are there any makes/models/engine options to stay away from due to
> difficult-to-remedy noise problems?
> 73,
> Ron - WA9IRV
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