[CQ-Contest] Remote operation entirely through IP?

Richard Thorne rmthorne at cox.net
Mon Aug 16 22:24:09 EDT 2004


I've been running remote stations for the last several years.  Recently
I started using two programs to handle my remote entirely over the
internet using TCP/IP.

I'm using TRX Manager (http://www.trx-manager.com) for rig/rotor/cw
control. Laurent, the author, has done a great job supporting remote
operations with his software.  It can be done via TCP/IP or packet. I
use Skype for audio (http://www.skype.com).  Skype does a great job and
works perfectly behind firewalls.  I have cable modems (read high speed
internet connections) at both locations with a static IP address at my
office.  There is a charge for TRX but Skype is free.

The two programs have made remote operations almost plug and play.  You
will need to come up with a rotor interface, I'm using an Idiom Press
interface on my T2X along with some sort of automated antenna switching.
I'm using a Microham Band decoder for this.

My remote station is located 7 miles away at my office where I have a
60' tower on the roof and a F12 C3 Tribander and some wires for the low
bands.  I just installed a TS-480 200 watt rig which is working great.
I can control all its functions and its one of the few rigs (the TS-2000
is the other) that can be turned on and off with software.

This setup works great for dxing and rag chewing but needs some work for
decent contesting, from an interface stand point.  I'm now experimenting
with a Lantronix IP to Serial device.  This device will extend my com
ports over the internet to the remote location.

As far as this being permissable I don't see a problem with it.  My
remote location is the only place I can have a station.  To take it a
step further I don't see a problem locating the station at a remote dx
spot.  Whats the difference wether you fly to the location or access the
station via the net.

However, it would be a problem if you spread your station out over
different locations.  For example running a multi-op via remote to
different 'band' locations to reduce inter station interferance.

I have toyed with the idea of installing a good transmitt antenna at my
office for the low bands and a K9AY receiving array in my back yard here
at the house to use with my 756ProII.  I would do this for dxing only
but I'm not sure if this is in the spirit either for furthering my DXCC

If you have any questions on my setup let me know, I'll be glad to help
if I can.

Rich Thorne
Amarillo, TX

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