[CQ-Contest] Malicious Interference

Hanlon, Steve SHanlon at dnr.state.md.us
Mon Aug 16 15:29:26 EDT 2004

while working the MD QSO party yesterday, i was viciously attacked, both verbal abuse directed to me and any station i tried to work.  i was on 7.239.5 for 3 hours calling CQ - at 1922z, at least 2 stations declared they owned 7.240 and began the attack.  2 hours later, they were still at it, but i left to eat dinner,at my wife's request.

they recorded callsigns, exchanges, and other info and played them back - i have no idea if in the time before they qrm'd, i actually was working stations in the contest or these "people."  i have been told by another station that were interefered with as well on 7.235 just after i left for dinner.  the same MO - playing back a station calling CQ or answer a CQ.  

i have sent an e-mail to the FCC, but have no recording of the event.  i will be hooking up a tape recorder to the rig and will have it ready to go at all times.  the minor QRM didn't bother me, i was able to work 35 stations in that 2 hour period.  when they transmitted overtop of the station i was working, i asked for a little patience and was able to piece it all together -  felt like i was practicing for SS.  when they started in with the bigotry and racism, i got a very mad and lost my cool for a few minutes.  i let the DVK run for a bit while i got a drink of tea, but never left the frequency.

the irony was, they were mad i about contesters killing ham radio, i guess the ends justify the means in their reality. 

-steve hanlon

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