[CQ-Contest] Re: The Station Notebook

zl1aih at ihug.co.nz zl1aih at ihug.co.nz
Mon Aug 16 14:06:50 EDT 2004

Yes, I still keep a "Station Notebook" - in fact several notebooks.
Antenna changes, equipment changes, station configuration and any 
measurements I make during those changes so that I can retrace my steps 
when I need to.    This has become more necessary since the introduction of 
contesting software, and rig interface stuff.

Perhaps more importantly for some of us, whose day-to-day memory is 
failing, so 'notebooks' become essential - to paraphrase Billy Connolly's 
message for the over-60s "when you see a notebook, use it!"    OK, it's an 
'age' thing - when I was a small child I needed 'trainer wheels' for my bicycle - 
now I need a notebook to set up the logcfg.dat for the WAEDC contest.

The difference is that next year, I'll still need the notebook.<G>

73, Ken ZL1AIH     

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