[CQ-Contest] Advantages not created equal

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Tue Aug 17 15:50:48 EDT 2004

"Bill Coleman" <aa4lr at arrl.net> wrote: "What other simple, enforceable rule
would exile the octopus without any other deleterious effects?"

Integrity:  "firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic

Although not a rule, a return of the word integrity, would go a long way in
insuring a "play by the spirit/intent of the rules" attitude? Or as N2MG so
eloquently stated: "doing the right thing, even though no one is looking"!
As long as there is the "I have observed all competition rules for fair and
ethical operation, as well as regulations for Amateur Radio, in my country.
My report is correct and true, to the best of my knowledge" statement
accompanying most, if not all, submissions, I see no reason for any
restrictions to be placed in any category?
Know/understand the rules! Play by the rules! No need for anything else?

C'Ya, Shelby

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