[CQ-Contest] Rules..

K3FT k3ft at starpower.net
Wed Aug 18 04:57:09 EDT 2004

The bottom line, in the case of ham radio contests, is this..

No matter HOW many 'safeguards' you design into Rules

No matter HOW many penalties you design into Rules

It ALL comes down to the integrity of the person operating the Contest.

Those who believe in the integrity of the rules will behave.
Those who will seek to cheat or 'game' the system will do so.

The BEST answer is clearly written rules with well-thought out sections that
adapt to adjust to changes AND when cheating is detected.. swift and
decisive action. If, in the judgement of the Contest committee, someone is
NOT behaving, you take action and not dilly-dally about with wishy washy
handwringing. It won't make you popular or well-liked BUT even-handed
judgement and equitable rulings will help those who DO play by the rules
more inclined to want to continue to participate.


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