[CQ-Contest] re: desk design

Rich Dailey, N8UX (2) redailey at alltel.net
Wed Aug 18 00:34:18 EDT 2004

While not the most frugal of solutions,  I purchased 3 unfinished kitchen 
cabinets,  and an 8' countertop.  I sawed of the recessed bases of the 3 
to achieve the proper desk height,  and spaced them equally to create 2
operating positions.  Raised shelves for the rigs (I prefer the rigs that 
way),  plenty
of storage under the rig shelves as well as drawers/cabinets.  Has worked great
for 10 years for dx'ing and "non top-ten box" contesting.  And the xyl (KB4NPI)
is cool with it.

Don't forget a decent chair with adjustable height and backrest.  Really 
helps to
change the configuration of the chair during a long stint.

You can see some of it at -


I'll try to get a few older shots uploaded to the Random picture section 
that show
the desk a lil better.

Rich, N8UX

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