[CQ-Contest] Advantages not created equal

Richard DiDonna NN3W NN3W at prodigy.net
Tue Aug 17 23:21:05 EDT 2004

IIRC, this was an issue of discussion not to long 
ago.  A lot of folks were complaining about the # of 
QSOs in their log where their logged time differed 
from the other station's QSO by 5 minutes or more.

This analysis might catch some of the "rubber 

On the other hand, I've heard that one or more contest 
logging software packages is notorious for clock drift 
and may result in getting viable/true QSOs tossed.

Rich NN3W
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>>And how do we enforce this rule? It's pretty clear 
whether or not a 
>>station has changed bands. It's in the log. Operator 
changes, however, 
>>are either not logged, or are subject to 
manipulation without penalty.
>Enforcement is an interesting issue - editing a cab 
file to reflect
>what you want it to show is pretty easy.
>Several of the contesting packages support operator 
changes - that
>would be one way to show "intent".
>Few of the rules today are directly enforceable.
>73, de -KR- N6RCE
>CU in the Calif QSO Party Oct 2-3
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