[CQ-Contest] Remote operation entirely through IP?

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 18 17:12:22 EDT 2004

This is already happening.  You can operate from Hawaii while sitting in W7.
W4AN was operated from W7 in a Dx contest.  You can even "rent" a station
such as W7DXX (in Boston) altho its restricted to limited time frames.  This
one can go either way.  I talked to a USA ham in Isreal operating the W7DXX
internet remote.  I also hear a W6 using the remote to work Europe.

I also remember W2AH using an AEA device on a touchtone telephone to
remotely work his station
on 17.  I heard him ask a VR2 what frequency was he on.

Mr. Thorn is just a more modern remote method that W6YY used 40 years ago by
UHF radio link.

I guess soon it will be have PC can work contests!

Dave K4JRB

> This raises the interesting possibility of someone setting up a station in
> whatever exotic DX location, and renting the operating to anyone on the
> It would also allow almost any licensed ham to be a guest operator at
> or anyone else's station. No doubt the peanut gallery will have plenty to
> say about this....

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