[CQ-Contest] NAQP - VE4 - gen Y-not

Derrick Belbas ve4vv at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 18 17:59:55 EDT 2004

Hi all.

I'm going to do some time..  I don't know how much, on Saturday, in the
NAQP.  However, I have a young one from the neighbourhood whos really
interested, to do some operating.  So we're going to use his name ..
"Spencer".  12 y.o., Scout-type, we've been exposing him (no, a nice thing)
to amateur radio for a while, and he seems to have an interest in contests
in particular.  Got him lined up for some licencing classes in September,
with his mom's WAY ok!  Bright kid.  He's been doing a lot of reading, and
Ward's book was fascinating for him, I think.

This'll be a First Time for him.. let's treat him nice!

I'll start off, and he'll get the hang of it pretty quick (amazing attention
span for one of today's kids, too), and then let him rock, with me close at
hand.  If you think of it, and can tell it's Spencer..  sounds different
than my droning.. send up a QSL card; he'll be thrilled about that, and ..
heck another VE4 can't hurt to have on the bands, right?

This was one darn good reason not to throw away used QST, CW, NCJ ( !! ),
TCA magazines.  Gotta do this before the kid discovers girls, for real!

tnx, 73


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