[CQ-Contest] one additional note - cheating/rules, etc.

K3FT k3ft at starpower.net
Wed Aug 18 21:31:14 EDT 2004

Additional item...

Some people will adopt a 'win at any cost, regardless of ethics' OR will justify what they do by thinking, "well, it's just a LITTLE BIT (fill in blanks with an excuse). What difference will it make?"

Well, those who have been around contesting any length of time QUICKLY develop a good 'grapevine' AND a sense of 'what's what' about reality. It becomes fairly well known (even if only unofficially) who's playing it straight and who is 'a bit/lot bent' when it comes to scores/winning, etc.

Those who get a reputation for being willing to bend/subvert things get known and ANY wins/victories they achieve are AUTOMATICALLY disregarded or discounted by those who know.  They MAY have a listing that shows they 'won'.. but the memories of those who KNOW are long AND they pass those memories to the next crop who then remembers too!

Me? I'd rather play it straight and up front and come in 3rd or 4th or whatever.  It makes the eventual win THAT much sweeter AND my peers know I earned it which garners me their respect and THAT makes any win so much nicer!

Enough moralizing.. those who understand the preceding get it.. those that don't.. never will.


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